LOCALE was established on 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia, focusing on dailywear garments. We believe our brand work as avatars to speak, respond, and represent our social issues and share it with the world.
We proudly present our collaboration capsule collection STRANGE TIMES with one of the best talented illustrators in Indonesia, ASWANDARU.
ARSWANDARU is an illustrator from Surakarta, who now lives and works in Jakarta. The figure who was once a journalist has drawn illustrations for many local and international brands.
STRANGE TIMES is our newest capsule collection inspired by the dreading social construct during the pandemic. In this hard time, we find ourselves questioning the end of the viral outbreak, exhausted by the regulations that are fighting the inevitable. In collaboration with ARSWANDARU, this collection incorporates satiric illustrations to project the hopes existing amid the disastrous pandemic and a bit of message hidden behind the humor.
The collection's interpretation of the words STRANGE TIMES is embedded in their collection of T-shirts, long sleeve t-shirt, hoodies and tote bag.